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Facebook to release its own cryptocurrency - Stablecoin project

A recent report by Bloomberg says that the social media giant Facebook is planning to release its own cryptocurrency. Interestingly, the purported cryptocurrency will be used on Whatsapp messaging platform to transfer money and targeted to the Indian remittance market. Essentially, this crypto project is going to be a Stablecoin...


Facebook lifts ban on Cryptocurrency but not on ICO's

Earlier this year, social media giant Facebook had banned all products and services related to cryptocurrencies with the intention to stop deceptive promotions, But yesterday, the company made an announcement on its policy updates to allow few crypto ads to promote on their platform. However, the company still holds the...

Jake Hill

How Cryptocurrency Startups bypass Facebook Ad ban

Facebook announced on last month that it is banning all the cryptocurrency ads present in their advertising network. Anything which is related to binary options, initial coin offerings, or cryptocurrency they will ban those advertisements. They also mentioned that this policy is a part to improve their integrity and security...

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