On Tuesday, May 8, it was published that Facebook will create a new team focused on studying blockchain to take advantage of it in its platform.

This team would be led by David Marcus, who is the man in charge of Messenger, Facebook’s instant messaging app. He is also part of the board of directors of Coinbase, the cryptocurrency exchange, and was president of Paypal.

Marcus confirmed this news in a post made on his Facebook page, where he explains that he will effectively be the leader of this team that will explore the blockchain. He also said that he will leave Stan Chudnovsky, Messenger’s product manager, in charge of this application.

Also, Marcus explained that during his stay in the Messenger team was able to increase the number of users of this app. From less than 300 million people to more than 1,000 million people. New services were created, such as video chats, P2P payments, and other features such as games. In fact, Marcus was the person behind the separation of Messenger from the main platform of Facebook to an individual app. This reveals the innovative character of this executive, which could be very important for this new team that will study the blockchain.

It should be noted that no official statement has been issued by Facebook. And more details about the uses that would be looking for in the blockchain. There are many applications that this technology can have. This does not mean that Facebook is thinking of developing its own cryptocurrency.

According to Recode.net, this team will initially have less than 12 people. Including two important Instagram executives, James Everingham, and Kevin Weil. They serve as vice president of engineering and vice president of product in this social network.

Earlier this year, Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, said that among its purposes for the year 2018 would be the study of cryptocurrency and Blockchain in order to be able to apply to the services of Facebook, so the creation of this new Research team would not be a sudden decision, but part of Zuckerberg’s planning.

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