In California, A Thief steal Bitcoin ATM Machine from a Bakery. This crime was caught on a security camera.

As per the report of CBS Los Angeles, The Thief broke in the bakery to steal Bitcoin ATM Machine. The Belwood Bakery which is located in Brentwood village, Los Angeles has been broken several times in the last few months. This time the Thief intention was to steal Bitcoins by taking on the Bitcoin ATM Machine.

Below is the video of the incident.

In the video, we see that the thief using a hammer to break into the bakery. After that, he directly went to steal the Bitcoin ATM Machine. He used the hammer to get the ATM Machine from the wall. Then he bashed the ATM on the floor to open it but as he was not able to so he took it and ran outside the bakery.

This is the 3rd break-in the bakery has looked at in the recent 3 months. In the past break-ins the thieves have not stolen anything but now they went after the Bitcoin ATM Machine.

David-Paul Tran, the owner of the bakery said that it’s hard to keep with the business after successive break-ins.

Tran mentioned that,

It scares our neighbors. Our workers. It scares us. You know? Because it could happen at any time.

Bitcoin ATM machine was installed in the bakery by a 3rd party company by renting the space. And Tran said, he told the company to take it off and not to put any money inside the store because he was concerned there will a robbery. But he has no idea about the amount of bitcoins or money present in the ATM Machine.

But not only ATM machines are stolen, But also last year computers were stolen in Ireland. 600 computers to mine bitcoins and other virtual cryptocurrencies have been stolen from Data Centre’s in Iceland.

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