The Stellar Lumen Token (XLM) is considered among the fastest and most secure tokens. According to CoinMarketCap, Stellar is currently ranked among the top 10 most popular cryptocurrencies.

Last year was spectacular for Stellar, the platform based on Blockchain technology that aims to connect people, payment systems and banks.

Today, investors are commencing to follow the roadmap and the plans behind this cryptocurrency.

The partnership plan:

XLM Stellar’s token has strengthened its position by means of collaborations with a couple of foremost firms like IBM and KickEx.

In 2017, Stellar initiated partnerships with 37 corporations all over the world. Partnerships are seen as the key to Stellar’s growth over the next few years. So far, no sign of a new partnership has been announced, but the Stellar team is working hard on this strategy.

The integration of the Lightning Network

Since the development of the Lightning Network, it has been proclaimed as an adequate solution to cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency security issues.

After launching the Lightning Network Beta, Stellar’s team has expressed its intention to integrate the Lightning Network into its platform, and a detailed technical report will be released soon.

Stellar in large companies

In an effort to lead in a new global payment infrastructure, organizations around the world, including financial institutions, payment aggregators, and banks, are using Stellar to benefit from easy, fast, and low-cost transactions.

Stellar is likely to have a better future, being the cryptocurrency most used in large corporations and financial institutions. Stellar seems to be in a good position in 2018. Its Roadmap is well studied, which favors other cryptocurrencies on the market.

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