Tron is currently one of the top 20 highest growth cryptocurrencies in the market. In the meantime, the coin has increased by up to 59.26% in the last 7 days and by 29.71% in the last 48 hours.

While the top 3 cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple are slipping by with a 48-hour gain of 1.5 to 3%, Tron performs quite well. However, with a market capitalization of 3,05,49,20,651.19 US dollar and a 48-hour trading volume of 56,79,27,035.30 US dollar, Tron ultimately moves on quite a different scale than the top three coins. The total amount of tokens available is 65,748,192,476 TRX.

The relatively high price increase coincides with the launch of TestNet’s network which is expected to begin on March 31st. 

Developers of the Testnet claim that it will provide environment better than that of Ethereum and the opportunity to create and test Smart Contract. Furthermore, it should resemble the MainNet of TRON, which might release a month later. Rumors are also circulating that it should come to a Coin Burn on the same day. This would push the price of tokens but is not yet confirmed.

Justin Sun’s team founded the Tron Foundation in July 2017. It has ambitious goals. With their own Web 2.0 platform, their own social network and the token TRX they want to counteract the centralization of the Internet. On their platform, users should be able to upload content in different forms and make money. In order to pay for it, the TRONIX token (TRX) is finally provided, which is currently receiving so much attention.

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