The South Korean government has decided that it will be promoting blockchain training as part of the Forth Industrial Revolution. Blockchain technology has immense potential. This is one of the main reason why there are jobs being created in the blockchain space.

The Ministry of science and ICT in South Korea believes that the blockchain technology is actually the fourth Industrial Revolution. That is why the citizens need to be well versed with the blockchain technology. Only when they are well versed with the blockchain technology, they will be able to bag the jobs in the field.

Blockchain-and Industry Growing at a Fast Pace:

The truth is that blockchain technology is growing at a pretty fast pace. Additionally, there are a wide variety of other technologies like augmented reality, autonomous vehicles, big data, artificial intelligence which are growing at a faster pace as well. The Ministry has launched 40 different courses across all of these areas. This is to ensure that the youth is properly trained in these fields. When the youth is properly trained in these fields, the companies will be able to hire from South Korea more easily. Also, there is an increased likelihood that the companies will set up shop in South Korea as well. This will ensure that more employment is generated. The business related to these technologies will also increase. If indeed, South Korea becomes a hub related to these technologies, the employment numbers which can be generated will significantly higher.

This, however, can only happen when there are enough people who are well versed with these technologies. Only when that is the case, it will become easier for the companies to hire from South Korea.

This initiative of the South Korean government is actually a move in the right direction. Being able to train its citizens in these technologies will ensure that companies will be able to hire more easily.

The more cordial atmosphere which the companies get in these countries, the higher will be the hiring. If indeed, the companies are able to set up shop in these countries, the employment generation can be huge.

Currently, it is just South Korea. However, in the very near future other countries which are beginning to understand the potential of blockchain technology like Singapore might also start training their citizens in these technologies. It remains to be seen whether any of the other governments will follow suit or whether the South Korean government is alone in training its citizens in the latest technology.

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