Last year there was a huge number of Ransomware Attacks around the world. Today we see Port of San Diego corporation is currently facing one. As the computer systems in the corporation have displayed a note demanding Bitcoins.

According to timesofsandiego, The Port’s CEO confirmed on Thursday about the cyber attack which took place on the corporation last Tuesday.

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security are working with the company’s 569 employees together to tackle this ransomware said Port Chief Executive Officer Randa Coniglio.

The amount of Bitcoin’s demanded by the attackers has not yet disclosed but this attack as disrupted the computer systems. And the port’s staff has shut down other remaining systems to take precautions.

“It is important to note that this is mainly an administrative issue and normal Port operations are continuing as usual.” said Coniglio

There will be no interruption in the operations as Port of San Diego will be open and all the ships and boats will continue to access the San Diego Bay.

The Port of San Diego has currently teamed up with the best security experts in the industry and federal partners to reduce the impacts and to restore the systems.

Last time we have seen Hancock Regional Hospital was forced into paying bitcoin to hackers. This was also due to a ransomware attack with took place in the hospital.

Let us wait to see how the story progresses if the experts will be able to restore the system back or the port is forced to pay to get the information.

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