Scrabble, a popular word game made a recent inclusion of 300 new words to its dictionary and among which the word ‘Bitcoin‘  can also be seen. This certainly piques the interest of crypto fans, as the crypto trend is finally beginning to make its entry board games as well.

From now on, Scrabble players can officially use ‘Bitcoin’ in their game and this will fetch up to 11 points to them based on game scoring. The news came into light when a renowned dictionary publisher, Merriam Webster which happens to be official dictionary set maintainer added 300 new words to its list.

As described on the official dictionary site, the noun ‘Bitcoin’ is a ‘digital currency created for use in peer-to-peer online transactions’.

Among the hundreds of other new words added to Merriam-Webster’s Scrabble Dictionary this year are “emoji” and “twerk,” as well as two-letter words like “OK” and “Ew.”

Interestingly, the regular unabridged version of Merriam dictionary had included the word ‘Bitcoin’ back in 2016 but due to less frequent updates on Scrabble set made it unavailable to players.

Other popular word games like Friends created by Zynga has already included bitcoin word into its list. In fact since  2014, the team has made bitcoin as official payment mode to its users.

Altogether, the cryptocurrency has gained lot of traction in young generation and its no longer that bitcoin to become something of a household word.

At that time of writing the marketcap of bitcoin is $113 billion US dollars and continues to buzz word among entrepreneurs and investors.

What do you think of this inclusion by Scrabble ? Will cryptocurrencies become everyday usage word? Share your thoughts in the comments section.



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