The union of European football Association recently experimented with using the blockchain technology for distributing the tickets. The football Association used the android as well as the iOS app which utilized the blockchain technology to deliver the tickets. The trial was actually pretty successful. It was held for the Real Madrid and Atletica Madrid match. Now it is planning to expand to other tournaments as well.

Solving perineal problems:

The Football Association has been plagued with problems of fake as well as duplicate tickets. Due to this very reason, it is been losing revenue on a consistent basis. There is also the concern of the safety of the fans as well. That is why counterfeiting actually not just effects the revenue but also the safety of the fans. Due to this reason, it was always on the lookout for a way to find a solution to avoid these problems as well. Moreover, for the most popular matches, the management was becoming increasingly difficult as well.

The counterfeiting problem resulted in thousands of fans being accidentally admitted as well. As a result, it was a chaotic situation in the stadium. In some of the matches, it resulted in crowd stampede as well as a breakdown in law and order. These were serious problems. That is why the football Association actually was looking for a solution which will help them in avoiding these problems.

With the help of blockchain technology, only the genuine tickets can be issued. This will also mean that the tickets can be verified in real time as well. When the tickets can be verified in real time, there is no problem of counterfeit tickets as well. Moreover, the fans will be able to know instantly if the tickets are genuine or not. This will mean that the fans are able to stay safe and get the genuine tickets. This is another advantage of the blockchain-based ticketing system.

The ticketing system which has been built by the mobile Association indicates the blockchain technology with the Bluetooth device. This ensures that the Bluetooth devices which are installed in the stadium can easily verify the tickets using the blockchain technology. This ensures that instant verification of the tickets is possible as well.

With the real-world applications of the blockchain technology, it is becoming more and more popular, it is just a matter of time before it is used for our day to day transactions as well. This will ensure that the potential of blockchain technology is fully explored.

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