Some websites run CryptoMining Malware scripts on the visitor’s computer. From this script, they will Mine Cryptocurrency and user sometimes doesn’t know his computer process is being used for mining. Thus to address this issue Mozilla Foundation has come up with new features in upcoming updates and one of them is to have a default blocker for CryptoMining Malware.

According to Mozilla Blog, Its recorded that in the future versions of the Firefox they are going to block CryptoMining Malware by default. This is said by Nick Nguyen current Vice President of Product at Mozilla Foundation. Also, he mentions that these measures are taken to protect the users of Firefox.

Other sites have deployed cryptomining scripts that silently mine cryptocurrencies on the user’s device. Practices like these make the web a more hostile place to be. Future versions of Firefox will block these practices by default. Said Nick Nguyen in the blog.

For those users or developers who would want to try out Some of the new features such as anti-tracking can download Firefox Nightly version. This will be like a beta version where they would run some tests and collect data on how it works and then release the final version. Nguyen also mentioned about bringing protection to all users in the release of Firefox 65.

Browser Extensions to Block CryptoMining Script

There are some CryptoMining Script Blocking extensions already for Chrome and Firefox. These extension needs to be installed in order to stop CryptoMining malware scripts. The popular one is No Coin which is used by most of the users to block CryptoMining scripts. It has been a success to some users who use it and other disagree on how they work.

But with the Upcoming version of Firefox, there might be no need of such extension required because by default it will Block the CryptoMining Malware Scripts. And maybe seeing this move made by Firefox, Chrome and other Browsers may come up with a similar approach to protect its users from CryptoMining Malware.


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