Today, the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg , announced that among its purposes for this new year includes in-depth study of cryptography and cryptocurrency to apply in their services and thus support the decentralization of the Internet.

This could be known through a recent publication that he posted on his official Facebook account, in which he mentioned that every year he plans to learn new things and by 2018 he intends to study the positive and negative aspects of these technologies , to which considers as important options in front of the centralization of the world and in this way “empower people”.

He pointed out that encryption and cryptocurrencies represent “counter-tendencies” with respect to one of the most interesting issues at present: centralization versus decentralization . But he pointed out that they imply greater difficulty in control. However, he wants to deepen them to determine the best way to apply them in their services .

Zuckerberg said that, in past decades, people around the world considered new technologies as decentralizing forces and said that he was introduced to this ecosystem because he was one of those who believed that they would empower people (in the mission). of Facebook that ideal is glimpsed) instead of concentrating it in a small group. However, he explained that with large technology companies and governments using innovative tools to monitor their citizens, “many people now believe that technology only centralizes power instead of decentralizing it.”

Zuckerberg said that by 2018 he wants to protect the community from abuse, hatred and government interference, as well as ensuring that the time people use for the platform is well spent. “We will not avoid all errors or abuses, but currently we make too many mistakes to apply our policies and avoid the misuse of our tools. If we succeed this year, we will finish 2018 on a much better trajectory, “he said.

To achieve this, it has considered among its options the benefits of blockchain technology , technology that supports cryptocurrencies, which undoubtedly is revolutionizing the traditional ways of carrying out human activities, crossing various sectors of society.

Last year it was also known that Facebook joined W3C , along with other technology giants such as Apple, Microsoft Corporation and Google in the development of a payment API that includes cards based on cryptocurrencies as a payment method. In addition, another important figure within the technological context, the co-founder of Apple , declared that bitcoin is better than gold as a store of value. Another that has been in favor of bitcoin, and that is one of the big investors of Facebook, has been Peter Thiel. In the meantime, the value of the cryptocurrency market surpassed Facebook’s capitalization last December

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