This is a good news for Job Seekers who want to work on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. Because in Asia there is a huge demand for people to work on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. This is due to the impact of Blockchain technology is currently being used in several industries.

According to CNBC, A Recruitment Company Robert Walters states that they have noticed a 50% increment in the number of job openings related to cryptocurrency and blockchain in Asia from 2017. Also, the developers who are skilled in Python Language are most required by the companies.

Asian Countries such as India, Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia have a high demand for people to work on blockchain technology. This data is acquired from Indeed job search engine which is popular in Asia.

People from Different Industries Join Crypto

Several people who are joining to work on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency are actually coming from other different industries. This is due to the high demand in the industry for people to work on these technologies.

We have seen in the last few months how people from different industries are coming towards blockchain and cryptocurrency. Especially when we saw ripple hires Bloomberg Television host to be head of market strategy for the company.

Also, The former Global head of Compliance at Pershing, has been hired by Coinbase. This pretty shows people are interested to work with such organizations who deal with cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Is this popularity due to Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technologies might be very much used in the future? Nobody knows the future, But all I can say is these technologies are causing an impact on several different industries. And we can see it by the number of job creations which is increasing.


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