Xerox, a company known for its printing and digital document solutions has received the patent to track changes in electronic files using blockchain.

According to US Patent Website, The patent has been first been published on November 13, 2018. As Xerox had filed for it last year August. This patent is identified as “Secure revisioning auditing system for electronic document files”.

Here the patent describes the technology that can be used to track the variations made for an electronic file. The blockchain is used to records the alterations and history of changes made on the electronic file.

The Patent details state that,

[ctt template=”7″ link=”e7Jzb” via=”no” ]”A node on the network can verify a change of document made by other nodes and add a new block to the chain using one-way hashes, making the chain resistant to tampering. If an invalid block is detected, the system can send an auditing alert to the network.”[/ctt]

This new technology can be used in many different sectors like medical or financial records and others. Also, it can be used on evidence found during crimes and if the evidence has tampered than the authorities will be alerted.

Since the development of the blockchain technology, there have been several companies who have been filed patents and won it. One of them we saw recently was Intuit an Auditing company has been granted a patent for making Bitcoin payments through text message.

Thus Patents on blockchain technology has been increasing for a few years now. Most companies want a slice of blockchain technology to be used in their sector.

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