Walmart has filed patents to utilize Blockchain technology recently and this shows how the company is very much interested to use Blockchain in logistics. One of the patent Walmart had applied was for control of the electric grid with the help of blockchain technology and this was granted to the company. Now again the company has filed another new patent which is about automated delivery drones system.

According to the patent, It was filed this year January 23, which states that autonomous electronic device is configured to deliver an object to a specified location, this is achieved by communication of the devices with each other using the blockchain technology.

The communication between the drones is done using RFID codes, ultra-wideband signal, a Wi-Fi signal or a QR code as it is mentioned in the patent filing. This will help the drones to discover each other and communicate.

How do these Drones connect with Blockchain?

When one drone travels from one location to other, at this time of travel if it discovers another drone then they exchange authentication signals using “blockchain keys,”. After the exchange is successful, then the 1st drone will pass the package to another drone this way the package is then delivered to the destination. And these all drones will relay on the blockchain database system.

Using this mechanism of multiple drones it would reduce the time for package delivery and would benefit the customers. Also, it gives better trust and security for the customers that the package would reach safely. This type of automated drone delivery system would revolutionize the logistics industry.

Walmart has been experimenting with blockchain technology, Recently we had also seen that Walmart is going to use blockchain in order to make logistics better. Thus they are involving with multiple patents and working on the blockchain technology.


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