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Iran Banks Launch Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency "PayMon"

A Gold-based Cryptocurrency “PayMon” has been launched in Iran by four Iranian banks. As per the report of Financial Tribune, Four Iranian banks have joined together and launched a cryptocurrency called “PayMon”. Bank Melli Iran, Bank Mellat, Parsian Bank and Bank Pasargad are working with startup Kuknos firm for the...


Iran Government Accepts Cryptocurrency Mining as an Industry

Iran Government has finally agreed to Accept Cryptocurrency Mining as an Industry. Recently we had seen that Iran was planning to launch a national cryptocurrency. This clearly shows the interest of the Iranian government towards cryptocurrency is increasing. Some say the reason for this approach is to avoid the sanctions...

Jake Hill

Iran plans to Avoid US sanctions with the help of Cryptocurrency

Iran is moving ahead with the controversial policy. It is planning to launch a national cryptocurrency. The reason behind which the country is trying to overcome the sanctions which the US is going to enact. In a recent development, the Iran government recently stated that it will be launching the...

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