For hackers and scammers it seems that there is nothing to say impossible when it comes to cryptocurrencies. last week we saw hackers steals a $50 million cryptocurrency from a user of Bitcoin Wallet. Today a new tactic is being implemented through social networks in order to deceive users and get their funds.

Specifically, scammers are buying verified Twitter accounts mimic the services of recognized cryptocurrency companies. According to a report from BuzzFeed , last week we learned that the scammers created accounts. These accounts mimicked the functions of Tron Foundation and Justin Sun its founder. With the false account @TronFoundationI, they copied several of the tweets from the original account.

The account seemed real, since it even copied the pinned tweet of the official account of Tron Foundation. Where the users were warned about possible false accounts within the platform About the scam, the malicious scammers published a tweet with a link to a cryptocurrency portfolio where they requested donations by Ethers, promising to reward the first 200 users who sent their donations.

In fact, the report indicates that this is just one of many scams perpetrated through Twitter. Since it has become common to create fake accounts and copy the tweets of important Bitcoin developers and other cryptocurrencies in order to attract users and then ask for contributions or donations.

One of the most worrisome situations regarding this issue is that, although the Twitter policies establish that the accounts lose their ‘verified’ status when they change their names. Many of these false accounts have managed to keep the sign of ‘ verified ‘in blue next to the account name.

This situation seems to have reached the ears of Jack Dorsey, founder of the social network. He has said publicly that they will dismantle this type of actions and will strive to eradicate the problem.

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