The cyber security team in Cisco reports that the Ukrainian hacker group called Coinhoarder steals a $50 million cryptocurrency from a user of Bitcoin Wallet’s from

It’s a simple thing to purchase Google’s ads for cryptocurrency related searches and direct it to a fake website. The URL uses fake domain that you do not know well, such as “ / wallet” or “”.

The victim is unaware of this, by entering the user id and password in the fake site, the hacker use the details at the victims registered site to get the cryptocurrency.

Cisco partnered with Cyberpolis in Ukraine. Together they investigated the “massive phishing campaign” for more than six months. And this pointed out that the approach of this group is becoming increasingly common.

Last month, Facebook banned advertisements related to cryptocurrency and ICO. Similar measures are being considered at Google.

Besides, although such incident occurred many times in the last three years. It is clear that last year was the most damage caused at the end of year when the bitcoin price exceeded 2 million.

In the report, Cisco revealed the address of a hacker’s bitcoin wallet with it they were able to track the stolen funds with the help of Ukrainian law enforcement agencies.

In recently, many phishing sites and e-mail frauds that wear some exchanges and wallet have occurred in the world of cryptocurrency. Since then it is almost impossible to regain the cryptocurrency once transmitted, it is nothing to raise itself about security.

Source : fortune

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