The France Financial Markets Regulators (AMF) has blacklisted Four Cryptocurrency Websites. This is done to eliminate the unauthorized firms trading with cryptocurrency

On Friday the AMF released an official statement, stating they have blacklisted nine websites in which four are cryptocurrency firms. The reason for this is because the firms do not have the necessary authorization to operate.

The AMF website states that,

Be careful, this list is updated regularly but is not intended to be complete because new unauthorized actors appear regularly.

They also warn investors to be cautious before investing in new companies which are not familiar.

Crypto Websites Blacklisted

Here are the four cryptocurrency website that has been blacklisted by the AMF.


The Regulators also mentions if any company wishes to register then it is available on the AMF website.

In February the AMF made an announcement for companies conducting commercial transactions with crypto assets to register under it. And the companies are not allowed to trade directly.

These actions taken by AMF is to protect the investors and let the markets to function legally.

Its better to companies working with cryptocurrency to register under the AMF so that everything works smoothly.

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