With on ongoing decline of cryptocurrency market, many have either backed out or completely lost hope in its future. However, there are institutions or projects who have adapted the crypto as a method of payment.

The Orion Space project, a space station meant as a luxury hotel  for  tourist and travelers is all set to launch in coming years. This commercial program is first of its kind which will allow tourist for 12 night space stay.

The good news for crypto lovers is that this aircraft will accept payment in the form of cryptocurrencies apart from fiat money. The ‘Aurora space station‘ requires a traveler to pay a lump sum of $10 million US dollars or its equivalent money in the form of the major crypto-tokens such as Bitcoin(BTC), Bitcoin Cash(BCH),  Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC) 

So far, the company has sold out the first six months reservations and expecting more number of customers for this program.

The project looks at bringing a lot of persons closer to the orbit through the Aurora Station that will get the world excited come 2022. But the cost per night could amount to $800,000 for every guest of the space station, and a total of $9.5 million US dollars for a 12-night stay

Other Players in Space Tourism

Companies like SpaceX have already proven that space exploration is no longer restricted to government bodies. The recent success of Falcon 9 launch by SpaceX which carried nine NASA astronauts to International Space Station(ISS) is one good example for this.

Apart from that, the Virgin Galactic by the Virgin Group who made a recent breakthrough in space exploration has high hopes in the tourism sector. Similarly, other billionaires like Jeff Bezos have entered into space venture through Blue Origin.

Also, during the launch, Orion founder and CEO Frank Bunger quoted that

Since opening our hotel reservations in April, we’ve been met with great excitement as space enthusiasts from around the world have moved quickly to secure their reservations

Furthermore, he added that this program also provides other services who are interested in zero gravity research and most importantly they can pay for what they use.

We will support zero gravity research, as well as in space manufacturing — Our architecture is such that we can easily add capacity, enabling us to grow with market demand like a city growing skyward on Earth,” 

Certainly, this project is a gateway for all of them who can enjoy space tourism and involve in space research. Although the price, for now, seems very high but it is worth noting that they will garner a lot of interest in the coming years

Beyond anything the support for virtual currency payment is sign that crypto is here to stay and for now need more collaboration and cooperation between digital asset enthusiasts and the entire global business world.

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