Éclair wallet, the app launched by ACINQ is the 1st android application which uses the Bitcoin lightning network. Ever since the announcement of the launch of Bitcoin lightning network, users were eager to experience it. However, apart from the cryptocurrency exchanges, there was hardly any way in which users could have experienced it.

Also, with the launch of this application, the Bitcoin lightning network is much more accessible to users now than earlier. The main advantage of the Bitcoin lightning network is that the transactions can be concluded in a shorter period of time. Earlier, the transaction time had risen to around 4 hours. With the help of the lightning network, it is just a fraction of the earlier transaction processing time. In addition to that, the fees are also on the lower side. As a result, more users will be able to easily use the cryptocurrency in order to transact.

In addition to that, since the application is now available on the android operating system, it will be easier for the users to sign up for the application and start using it. With the help of lightning network, the transactions will not only be more affordable but also they will be done almost in real time. As a result, it will be easier for the users to transfer the Bitcoin holdings from one account to another.

In March, the lightning network first went live. Ever since then, users were for it to become more accessible. With the launch of this Android-based application, it became more accessible.

Also, Bitcoin has been incorporating newer features in order to make the currency easy to use. The Segwit technology is also being incorporated into Bitcoin. With the incorporation of this technology, it will become even more versatile. Also, technically it will be much easier to use with the help of this technology. This is another advantage of this change.

As the mainstream usage of Bitcoin, as well as other cryptocurrencies, increase, the prices of cryptocurrencies will also increase. With such changes being incorporated, it will become easier for the cryptocurrency investors to make it mainstream currency. As the actual usage of the currency increases more, it will become easier for the holders of cryptocurrency to actually use it for day-to-day transactions. This will not only increase the value of Bitcoin but also increase its credibility which will help all the cryptocurrency holders.

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