In Russia, cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and others have been raising fame over recent years. As per the survey of Russain Association of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain (RACIB) only 10% of Russian accounts participate in the global cryptocurrency market. And 12% of them admit that cryptocurrency is their main source of income.

According to the study also said only Russian women are not evenly committed in cryptocurrency as only 7% are only women use cryptocurrency in entire Russia. So to increase the awareness among the women there is a conference conducted for women in Russia called “Crypto Conference for Women“.

Crypto Lady conference For Women will be conducted on April 28 to 29 of this month. This is held at the Zolotoe Koltso hotel in Moscow. Here in the conference experts will talk about cryptocurrencies and how it works. There are 24 women speakers who will talk about initial investments in cryptocurrency.

Also, there are some advanced courses provided for participants with pre-requisite knowledge of blockchain technology and ICO’s. Anastasia Pilipchuk, founder of the Crypto Lady Association and organizer of the event, told Bitnovosti:

Women can earn through cryptocurrencies much easier than it looks at first sight. Cryptocurrency is simply made for women.

This conference will help the women in Russia and other women’s to understand and know more about the crypto world. And the women leaders in cryptocurrency space in Russia think that with this conference it will create an awareness and increase the number of women to participate in cryptocurrencies.

This conference will be streamed live in 74 different counties in the world and the organizers commented that Everyone is welcome to join the event, even men.


Will you participate in this conference? And What impact will it have on the women in Russia? comment below to let us know.


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