Cryptocurrency wallet service, Blockchain announced today that they have hired an Ex- Goldman Sachs executive Breanne Madigan to join this month. This was done to help boost its presence with institutional clients.

According to CNBC, Madigan has been at Goldman Sachs since 2003. Madigan worked there as head of institutional wealth services, this division whose total assets under management reached account of $1.49 trillion in 2017, this information was provided by Blockchain.

Here in Blockchain, she will take up the role of the head of institutional sales and strategy. This hiring tells that Blockchain has a plan to go after institutional clients. Blockchain sees this opportunity by hiring Madigan they can attract institutions into the market.

“Breanne has a proven track record of adding value to her teams and her clients, and as Blockchain continues to grow its institutional presence, I can think of no one better to help scale our business,” Peter Smith, CEO of Blockchain, said in a statement Tuesday.

During the First Quarter of 2018, Institutional Investors has not yet entered into the cryptocurrency space due to the risks and raging variations in price. Researchers have reported that 2018 will be the year that institutions will get involved in cryptocurrency space.

Air Paul CIO of BlockTower Captial, a cryptocurrency investment company said he has talked to multiple endorsements that are sitting on the fence when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies.

Blockchains focus right now is on institutional clients and in order to achieve that, they have hired Ex-Goldman Sachs executive.

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