The US is heading to the midterm election. Even though soon they will be over but we haven’t been any significant steps taken towards securing the election. This after the 2016 presidential election was in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. There were even rumors that Russia had interfered with the electoral process.

That is why many people are trying to figure out what is the solution to having a secure election. If indeed, the transparent and secure election is to be held, blockchain might be the perfect solution for it. Blockchain technology up until now is used by most of the cryptocurrencies. The applications of the blockchain technology, however, are manifold. That is why many of the experts think it can be used for counting votes as well as verify votes. Due to the transparent nature of the blockchain technology, it would be very difficult for anyone to tamper with it. Moreover, it can be verified publicly. This ensures that proper security can be provided to the electoral system. Additionally, scalability is not a problem as well.

All over the world, there have been more instances than one in which the elections have been manipulated. This is the reason why it is time to secure the elections. There are many blockchain start-ups which are trying to integrate the electoral process with the blockchain technology. If indeed that happens, there will be no tampering in the electoral process. When there is no tampering in the electoral process, it will become much easier for the public to get the right verdict as well. Also, since each and every vote will be accounted for, it will become easier for them to conduct legit elections.

The problem is that the blockchain technology is still nascent. That is why it might not be trusted with such a huge application. That is why not many countries are enthusiastic about adopting the blockchain technology for their electoral process. Only once it has proved its worth, it can be used in such a vital application. Even though it shows a lot of promise currently but in most of the cases, it will be ignored and not included in the electoral process. This clearly indicates that it might not be actually included in the electoral process anytime soon in spite of the huge promise which it holds.

Once the applications of blockchain increase, it is sure to be used for bureaucratic purposes as well. There are many advantages of using blockchain technology, thus many industries are moving towards it.

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