Today It is very difficult to predict where the Bitcoin price of will go up or down. On 17 January, the price fell below 10,000 dollars and started to send out many negative news around. The virtual currency , however, recovered rapidly from the decline. Traders who made their purchase during the dip were able to profit from this smartly.

On January 18 the price was already at $ 12,000 and the day after that, January 19th, it went quietly. Yesterday, the Bitcoin exchange started again. Last night around 18:00, $ 13,000 was tapped. With that the course was almost at the old level of a week ago.

The value of Bitcoin did not stay steady. A decline followed Last night up to and including this morning the course dropped further. At the time of writing, the Bitcoin has come to the price of $ 11,300. You never know, however: in a few hours the price may have fallen sharply or increased. We saw that in our article of 18 January , Bitcoin price slashes down to 50% of its peak price.

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