To avoid having to pay the extra transaction fees of some bitcoin platforms, a chinese investor had an idea. He decided to buy Bitcoins with cash . So he made an appointment with a group of men in a bad neighborhood in Hong Kong. And Unfortunately it was an ambush.

As he arrived with a bag filled with $HK 1.4 million (180,000 USD), he was attacked by five masked individuals and his cash was stolen. The victim name is Lee, and he lodged a complaint with the authorities who are actively seeking out for the attackers.

How did this take place?

The investor from Hong Kong contacted these men via his WeChat account. He had reached an agreement with the attackers, who offered him to buy 5 Bitcoins. It would have benefited him from an interesting discount of 5% compared to the market price . But to take advantage of this discount, the condition was to pay in full in cash. What Lee finally accepted. He went to the meeting place at 4:30 pm in a Starbucks. Then, he met two men, who asked him to go to another place at 9:30 pm. That the Chinese investor agreed, without flinching.

Around 10 pm, Lee received a call on his mobile phone . The seller asked him to go to the State Theater Building which was 100 meters away . As he walked It was there that he was attacked by hooded men. He was not seriously injured, but his bag containing the cash was stolen. And for now, it is impossible to locate it.

This case tells us never to invest cash even to save money . Be careful ! It is indeed it is better to get Bitcoins from a trusted platform through your bank account or your credit card.

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