According to reports by Tokensky News , Zheng Xiaojun, chief economist of the World Blockchain Organization and president of the Caribbean Blockchain Research Institute, mentioned at the TokenSky blockchain conference in South Korea that the Licensing Authority under the World Blockchain Organization will issue 3 types of licenses:

  • Operating licenses (for ordinary digital asset companies)
  • Trading licenses (for cryptocurrency exchanges.)
  • ICO licenses (for projects, companies that only issue ICOs.)

In the two years starting from 2018, the World Blockchain Organization will increase the academic research exchanges and blockchain industry development in the Caribbean, the South Pacific, and the Mediterranean, and expand the member countries. The goal is to become a blockchain industry. The central intergovernmental international organization.


The World Blockchain Organization is registered under the United Nations and is initiated by seven United Nations subordinate agencies. The World Federation of Free Trade Zones, the National Institute of Artificial Intelligence, and the Caribbean Blockchain Research Institute are jointly initiated to build a world-leading blockchain.

Their plans include blockchain policy research, legislative promotion, standards development, evaluation and certification, conference and exhibition, training and education, blockchain popularization, promotion, legal and social welfare activities.

The World Blockchain Organization has more than 400 members and institutions. There are 9 offices, including the news media agency, law and regulations department, licensing agency, industry development agency, test and certification department, evaluation and rating department, international standards agency, conference, and exhibition bureau, education, and training department.

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