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KICKICO suffers Security Breach, $8 Million funds lost

Yet another ICO named KICKICO is been hacked yesterday, wherein 70 Million KICK worth $7.7 Million being stolen. The event occurred due to the breach in the smart contract. Indeed the hackers got direct access to KICKICO blockchain network through the private key of its smart contract. Soon after...


Cryptocurrency Investors become a target for Hackers

Most of the cryptocurrency exchanges are constantly working on increasing the security for their clients. In spite of that, there are instances of hackers or cybersecurity criminals trying to steal the digital tokens from the accounts of the cryptocurrency holders. Up until now, investors have poured in billions of dollars...


Bancor Exchange hacked, $12 Million worth ETH Stolen

Famed Decentralized exchange Bancor is been hacked and $12 Million worth ETH stolen. On Monday, July 9, the company made an official statement on social media site Twitter, that due to a security breach, all of its operations have been halted and currently investigating the matter. As per the initial...

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