San Francisco University based in California has received $25 Million Donation in XRP. This was donated by Chris Larsen Ripple Co-Founder and his wife Lyna.

According to the report by San Francisco State University’s (SFSU), This donation was for a fundraising campaign called “BOLD Thinking”. This campaign had a goal of $150 million and after this donation, 91% of the goal has been achieved.

In 2017 Larsen launched a nonprofit foundation called RippleWorks to provide support to entrepreneurs. Thought this foundation they have donated to SFSU and the college says it is one of the single largest donation received in cryptocurrency.

Larsen is an alumnus of SF State College of Business graduate. And thus being connected to the college he wants to support the students with this donation.

University President Leslie E. Wong said Larsen and wife have provided this gift will inspire their students to become young entrepreneurs and change the worth with innovations.

Wong also added that,

“This groundbreaking gift will position the College of Business as an evolving, distinctly diverse and industry-relevant epicenter of business innovation and entrepreneurship”

This is not the first time Ripple has donated because before this they have done several donations. And one of them is where they donated $29 million in XRP to public schools last year. This was done through a popular website called DonorsChoose.

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