Most updates we get on Ripple are about new agreements with financial institutions to use their solutions. But today we get a different news, and that is that Ripple has donated $ 29 million in XRP to DonorsChoose for a very specific cause. is a very popular website, which allows teachers to upload their requests for donation. In this particular case, Ripple paid close attention to the requests and decided to donate $ 29 million. With this money, teachers can finance books for the library, computers, field trips, etc.

By this donation, Ripple makes it possible to satisfy the requests of 35,600 classrooms. This is surprising, even for a company of this type. But it’s interesting since cryptocurrencies can benefit from this positive publicity.

Ripple is succeeding with this, something that other companies have not been able to until now, and it is evident that it is the right way for the company. This will help thousands of requests leading to improve the lives of thousands of children in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Getting the necessary funds for such a cause is not an easy task. In general, it is the smaller donors that make contributions to these causes, but it is difficult for all of them to obtain the necessary funds.

Ripple has been able to do this successfully, at least in the requests they chose. We need to see if in the future they will again commit to this cause and make more donations, or instead choose other charitable organizations.

It is also the largest donation made in cryptocurrencies to a charity to date. And they kept the secret all this time until yesterday night. This movement of Ripple is unprecedented, which makes it more impressive. At least for DonorsChoose.

But there is one question that will surely be asked: if Ripple donated XRP, how will the beneficiaries use it? Well, the XRPs have already been converted to dollars.

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