Opera has officially launched its new browser which includes a built-in cryptocurrency wallet. The codename of the web browser is called Reborn 3.

According to the press release, This cryptocurrency wallet integrated into the web browser will be synchronized with android smartphone Opera browser. Thus the keys in the wallet will always be present in the user’s smartphone.

Also, regarding security, this crypto wallet provides a better solution. As the wallet is synced with mobile as soon as the transaction is initiated the user will get a notification on the phone. And they need to unlock the phone with a fingerprint and confirm the transaction to proceed.

Opera to add the built-in cryptocurrency wallet feature was announced last year in July. And also confirmed that it will contain Web 3.0 in it.

Krystian Kolondra, EVP at Opera said, This update is a major leap into Web 3.0 and they feel most of the browsers will also be Web 3.0 ready.

Kolondra also added that,

“Blockchain technology has evolved from just storing funds or speculation into a technology which will shape the Internet of tomorrow. We decided to speed up the development of Web 3 by opening all our browsers across all operating systems to it. This makes Opera the first major browser developer to do so.”

As it was released as Beta (only for developers) now everyone will be able to download the cryptocurrency wallet and use it. Also, the browser consists of VPN to protect the user’s data.

Crypto wallet for IOS users is planned to be added soon. Thus only android and desktop users will be able to use the cryptocurrency wallet currently.

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