Russian Military is reportedly studying the use of blockchain in identifying and preventing different types of cyber attacks. As per the local media reports, the country is actively investigating the ledger technology and even though the construction of lab is not done, the development has already begun.

In the purview of this, a separate scientific laboratory is established in premises of military technopolis ‘ERA’. The very intention behind this research is to protect the sensitive data and infrastructure by the use of advanced technology such as Blockchain.

The ERA is expected to have an extension spanned across 17 acres in the town of Anapa near the coast of the Black Sea. This will eventually report to Operations Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, a body led by Colonel Sergey Rudskoy.

As per Alexei Malanov, a cybersecurity expert at Kaspersky Labs, hackers try to delete logs after their job is done. Blockchain by its very nature prevents this process as it allows single time entry into the ledger. Thus it enables security team to release security patches well in advance based on the footprints left by hackers.

“When an unauthorized intrusion happens, an attacker often cleans the access log located on it, hiding the traces of the attack… Using a log distributed to several devices (for example, in the form of a blockchain), you can minimize such risk. – Alexie Malanov”

In addition to this, German Kilmenko, a former technology advisor to President Vladimir Putin said that,

“Viruses change the software or data code and try to disguise this fact from data integrity controllers, Blockchain by nature can be a repository of the reference code and provide independent verification and validity of the data/code.”

It comes as no surprise that other nations are also in quest of exploiting blockchain in various levels of security. As mentioned on local media,

“NATO’s leadership structures intend to use blockchain to protect financial information and logistics chains. The Pentagon, in its turn, intends to create a hacker-proof data transfer system based on this technology, also seeking to develop codes that the hackers will not be able to do”

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