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Russian Church ordered to pay extra for Crypto-Mining


In a recent report, a Russian Church is asked to pay the extra electricity fees for crypto-mining. The fact that mining is a power consuming process has drawn a lot of attraction among various countries to levy additional charges throughout the world.

The church involved in the above-mentioned report is ‘Grace’, an evangelical religious organization situated in  Irkutsk, Russia.

The news came into light when inspectors from the regional electricity provider, Irkutskenegro discovered a steep rise in electricity consumption by the church. Also, the investigation revealed a server room on the second floor of the church which the company expects a major threat for nearby places.

The church claims that increased power consumption is solely due to heating purposes and to produce religious material. But the court pointed out that as the records are taken during ‘summer’ season, the point of heating becomes irrelevant. In fact, the church has filed a total of 1.1 million rubles as a refund from the company.

Interestingly, the court ruled that even though the church did consume more electricity, that it should still be charged lower than the standard rate and the charges were dismissed.

Certainly, this might be due to the cheaper power price for private individuals and for certain organizations, including churches, in Eastern Europe. But yes there might be a chance that eventually, the state will force private individuals to start paying higher rates in order to mine cryptocurrency.

What do you think of extra charges for crypto-mining? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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