A few professors from Oxford University come together to start a university based on the blockchain technology. Professors are applying to the EU for proper grant of graduate degrees with the help of the courses which are offered by this blockchain-based university.

The name of the platform is Woolf. Founder of Woolf, Joshua Broggi stated that the university will be like    “Uber for students“. Moreover, the academics will also be able to devote their time according to their own convenience. As a result, it will become easier for them to teach in the university. Moreover, they will be able to take a single class and makeup to $ 50,000 as well. Thus, it is a win-win situation for the students as well as for the teachers.

Also, she further added that not only the students from EU but outside EU can also join. As a result, the education options which will be provided will be worldwide. Globally, the students will be able to join quite easily. Eventually, the job opportunities which will be available after the graduation will also be significant. This will ensure that students are able to actually make use of the things which the learning of the blockchain University.

The blockchain-based university will actually be using the smart contracts. With the help of smart contracts, they can specify the guidelines which the students have to abide by in order to complete the degree. Moreover, they will be able to create a proper legal framework which the students have to abide by as well. Thus, only when the students are able to complete a certain number of classes or take a certain number of tests, they will be able to complete their graduation. This will ensure that studies do not take a back seat. The students will be always required to complete the entire course. Only once they are able to complete the entire course, it will indeed become easier for them to gain the graduate degree. The number of subjects which will be offered will be significant.

Thus, it is time to induce a revolution in the blockchain field. With the help of this decentralized university, the entire education sector will be changed. It will be much easier for the students to earn a graduate degree in the subjects which they like the most. Moreover, over a period of time, there will be employment opportunities available for students who earn a graduate degree from this blockchain-based university.

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