The National Football League (NFL) is partnering with a start-up based in the blockchain space. This will help the athletes to make money in cryptocurrency. The athletes will be able to participate in various activities like commentary, interacting with fans, performing in live streams, which will enable them to make their money in cryptocurrencies. In fact, the players Association has bought the stake in the blockchain-based start-up by the name of SportsCastr. This will ensure that the players are able to closely work with the blockchain-based company.

This will ensure that commentary is just one of the tasks with the help of which, the players will be able to make money in cryptocurrency.

According to the association, cryptocurrencies are just one of the uses of blockchain technology. However, currently, they are the most popular application. That is why the association of the players has tied up with the blockchain technology will help them make cryptocurrency. With the help of this start-up, they will be able to make their partnership long-lasting and sustaining in the blockchain space. As a result, players will be able to gain new earning opportunities as well.

Working on the platform:

The athletes can accept tokens for their appearance on the platform or they can generate content on the platform. When they generate content on the platform, fans will be directly paying them. Also, they can launch subscription-only streaming services as well. This will ensure that they are directly able to interact with the fans. This is one of the best ways in which they will be able to monetize their status and experience.

The blockchain-based fan interacting platforms are already becoming more and more famous. However, since the association itself has tied up with the start-up, the credibility is going to increase manifold. This will also provide the players with unique opportunities to not just increase their fan following make money while doing so as well. This will automatically help them in creating an additional revenue stream. The more they take up the tasks on the platform, the higher will be their earnings as well which will, in turn, help them in supplementing their income from the actual sports activity. Moreover, they will be more accessible to fans. This will ensure that they are able to increase their fan following which again will help them in the sport as well. Thus, it is a win-win situation for the players.

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