While the entire crypto market is still relatively volatile and unstable, the price of Litecoin is showing a positive trend. The launch of Litepay is imminent and seems to inspire the course.

The total market capitalization on the evening of 20.02.2018 was just over $ 500 billion. To date, just under $ 65 billion have flowed out of the market, so at the time of writing a market capitalization of $ 434 billion can be recorded.

The price of Litecoin stood on 21.02.2018 at just under $ 252 and has since suffered a drop of 20 percent. The course fell on 23.02.2018 under the 186 US dollars. Since then, the course of Litecoin is going towards upwards. In the last 24 hours, the Litecoin price has increased by 9 percent and is at the time of writing at 220 USD.

Today Litepay is launched. Litepay is a payment gateway that allows online merchants to accept payments in Litecoin. The transactions are processed via LitePay in real time with the affiliated banks. Therefore, there is no risk for traders in view of the strong price volatility of the crypto market.

LitePay is the Litecoin alternative to BitPay and Bitcoin. BitPay also makes it possible for merchants to make payments via Bitcoin. However, Litecoin offers some technical advantages over Bitcoin. These include a much faster transaction speed, as well as lower fees.

Furthermore, Litepay will offer a Visa card that can process Litecoin payments directly. With this card, all LitePay customers at all ATMs can support visa payments, withdraw money or make payments.

Litecoin founder Charlie Lee is now very self-confident and believes that the market capitalization of Litecoin can overtake Bitcoin Cash this year.

Nonetheless, the launch of the LitePay platform is another important step towards mainstream adaptation and distribution of Litecoin. The next few days will show how the crypto market, and in which particular the course of Litecoin, will respond.

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