Bitcoin mining is very power consuming, information shows that as of November 2017, the yearly power consumption on bitcoin mining in the world is about 29.05TWh, which is equal to 0.13% of the global total power consumption. The total annual cost is about 1.5 billion U.S. dollars. Also last time we have seen that Japan Banks Plan New Ways To Protect Bitcoin Investors.

According to reports, Kumamoto-Energy, a local energy production, and supplier in Kumamoto, Japan, recently announced that it will deploy greener large-scale solar power plants to solve the power problem of bitcoin mining.

The company in November 2017 established a subsidiary called OZMining a cryptocurrency mining company, the company said solar power plants over mining can save power.

In fact, as early as July 2012, some bitcoin enthusiasts have found ways to reduce the consumption of bitcoin mining electricity by using renewable energy such as solar power.

The miner used a 1.7-kilowatt solar power station dedicated to mining Bitcoin in a remote Australian mining town. The miner began the experience and said

“you can not rely on solar power to drive GPU mining and run bitcoin pools economically, so I used bitcoin mining for my FPGA.”

“When the FPGA reaches 100w, I get 1.5GH / s, and when I use the GPU to 100w, I get only 350MH / s As long as I have access to the wireless Internet, I can power off any form of the ground”.

Source: PChome

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