Coinbase recently announced that it will be adding Ethereum classic to its platform in the next few months. However, Coinbase did not give an exact timeframe for the listing of Ethereum classic.

The announcement was made on Monday. The company clearly mentioned that the developers will now be starting the work to integrate Ethereum classic with its platform. Soon, consumers will be able to trade in Ethereum classic and also APIs will be available as well. Once, this work is completed, there will be a complete amalgamation of Ethereum classic with the platform.

Final testing phases:

The company also stated that it is in the final testing phases for Ethereum classic. In the next few months, it will be able to add it quite easily. Once the technical integration is complete, users will be able to sell the Ethereum classic which they are currently holding before the fork. As a result, it will be liquidation of assets for many users as well. Also, Coinbase has clearly stated that trading will only open once there is proper liquidity. This will mean that the users will be able to easily liquidate their holdings without waiting for a longer period of time.

Ethereum classic rises by 25%:

Soon after the announcement came out, Ethereum classic was able to rise by 25%. This clearly indicates that investors are widely anticipated in the listing of Ethereum classic on the Coinbase platform.

Ethereum classic is the original Ethereum cryptocurrency. It operates on the original Ethereum blockchain. This is the reason why it still holds a lot of potentials. After the fork, Ethereum was unable to be seen on Coinbase and Ethereum classic was just available in the wallets of the users. As a result, it was not easier for them to liquidate Ethereum classic.

With this move, users will be able to easily liquidate their holdings. This will mean that they will be able to add more value to the cryptocurrency portfolio. Also, with more than enough liquidity, even users who are holding Ethereum classic in significant quantities will be able to liquidate quite easily. Normally, the volume on Coinbase platform is immense for which cryptocurrency it operates in. As a result, the volume for Ethereum classic will also be on the higher side for sure.

The addition of Ethereum classic will be widely anticipated by most of the investors.

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