The party had everything. There was booze flowing around and also it was part of the Consensus 2018. There were even torn dollar bills on the floor. An independent cryptocurrency trader by the name of Wade Love had paid around 1 Ether in order to gain entry to the party. The cost of the entry to the party was just 1 Ether. He spent only about $ 600 as an entry to the party.

According to Love, he didn’t really plan to go to the party. However, after networking at the conference for 3 days continues, he just wanted to head over to the party to get a chance to win the Comino mining rig.

The mining rig can produce a hash rate of 200 MH/S and has 8 graphics card which runs simultaneously. The actual price of the mining rig is around € 5000. They accept only payments in Ethereum Bitcoin. In case, you want to pay with Fiat currency, you will have to physically visit their office and they will charge you extra shipping.

This mining rig can make you a significant amount of profit. Even with the cryptocurrency prices moving down a significant amount of return can be made with the help of cryptocurrency mining. He, however, won the mining rig as it was to be given out in that party to someone. He was lucky enough to bag the mining rig. It received it in the form of a gift certificate. He was elated, to say the least.

This clearly proves that sometimes, attending industry-based events and parties can benefit individuals. This is the reason why it might be a good idea to at over to a party next time around.

According to him, he wants to use the miner in order to promote cryptocurrency mining and blockchain technology. He also plans on teaching students how to make money with the help of cryptocurrency trading. His sole aim is to give back to the cryptocurrency community so that he is able to increase the awareness about cryptocurrencies. Also, with the help of this mining rig, he will be indeed able to make a significant amount of return by mining cryptocurrencies. At the same point in time, he will be able to become a significant player in the cryptocurrency mining operations. This will help give back to the blockchain industry and also create more awareness about the industry in general.


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