Thousands of lives are affected by the cryptocurrency scams. However, this month there was a threshold which was crossed. A publicity stunt for cryptocurrencies led to the death of a man.

The social network in Ukraine, ASKfm is planning to launch an ICO. Recently, the social network sponsored for individuals to climb Mount Everest. They wanted to plant a hard disk containing the cryptocurrency at the peak of Mount Everest.

Individuals faced quite a few problems up to 7000 m. They did not have any reserve oxygen. As a result, their health was affected and they had to call a helicopter on the 2nd day. They are currently receiving treatment.

Another mistake which was done by the social network was to encourage the users to find the hard disk with the cryptocurrency. The worst news was yet to come as the guide who was assisting them by the name of Lam Babu Sherpa lost his life. He had extensive experience in climbing Mount Everest but was stuck by snow blindness. According to the climbers, they lost track of the man assisting them and because of which they were unable to save them.

As told by the CEO of the social network, they have just now become aware of the guide who passed away on their expedition.  But when questioned about the details they clearly distanced themselves from the news.

According to them, they were assisted by many different Sherpas. As a result, they were not able to keep track of all the guides. Additionally, his whereabouts were unknown and post which they did not know that he had actually lost his life. The climbers were rescued by a helicopter and other Sherpas had gone out to find out about him. According to the company, they did not receive any further update about them.

Death due to Cryptocurrency marketing:

It seems like, all of this was just for marketing a cryptocurrency. It is actually not worth it. This is the reason why it seems like the company crossed a threshold in risking a persons life. In fact, it caused the death of a person as well.

Apparently, cryptocurrency industry is crossing all boundaries just for the sake of some publicity. This time around, however, it has gone a bit far as a person has lost his life in their bid to just to gain some publicity for the upcoming ICO.

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