JPMorgan Chase Former head of blockchain program, Amber Baldet worked for 6 years connecting finance with cutting-edge technologies. On Monday at a conference, her talk was on achieving privacy using blockchain technology.

As Reported by Bloomberg, Businesses are currently working on blockchain application and there is no news about it out yet. The Blockchain technology will be very helpful regarding data privacy as it doesn’t allow users to own data, selectively disclose it or get paid for it, Baldet said.

“We should be focusing on creating a privacy preserving system that gives us the option to create something that might be disruptive,” Baldet said at the MIT Technology Review’s Business of Blockchain conference.

During her time in JPMorgan, Baldet helped to develop Enterprise blockchain platform Quorum.

Key points of her presentation in the conference was on “Zero-knowledge cryptography”. This technology allows one organization to verify specific data, without the other person or organization having to disclose anything outside of the specific data.

“In the short term, the industries that are working on incorportating distributed ledger technologies are finance, supply chain, and places where you can mutualize work flow and cooperate by mutualizing infrastructure, not just trying to disentermediate everyone,” she said.

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