Steve Bannon, publicist, and journalist was known for his work as an advisor to, Donald Trump the president of the United States. He has stated in recent statements that cryptocurrencies would bring “true freedom”.

Bannon, who serves as an important personality of the populist movements of the right, promotes the advantages of using both cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology.

The publicist made his opinion public today, at an event in Zurich, where he also referred to the financial and non-financial applications of Blockchain that are used for the management of personal data.

During the event, a conference held as part of a European tour, Bannon described cryptocurrency and blockchain technology as “the very heart” of a populist movement in Switzerland.

He is also known as, the former head of the right-wing media Breitbart, who helped Trump win the US presidency in 2016 as the main strategist of the campaign, praised the importance of decentralization when he said:

“Central banks are in the business of debasing your currency. Central governments are in the business of debasing your citizenship. The central technology conglomerates are in the business of debasing your own personal sovereignty and your own personal data.”

Bannon, who also served as a member of the National Security Council, was fired from the White House in August 2017. During his brief tenure, he often criticized “financial elites,” in Wall Street and Silicon Valley.

Now, the former advisor is promoting the use of cryptocurrency as a “perfect tool to escape elite control”: he says.

“We take control of the central banks away. That will give us the power again…Once you take control of your currency, once you take control of your data, once you take control of your citizenship, that’s when you’re going to have true freedom.”

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