GANA stands for Green and Nature Association. Recently, GANA technology launched a blockchain-based project. It amalgamates artificial intelligence along with blockchain. As a result, the platform will be able to take the blockchain technology to whole new level. It is associated with the medical industry.

The main purpose of the amalgamation:

The company is trying to create a smartphone application which will work as an assistant for the patients and also collect all the data from the patients with the help of artificial intelligence. As a result, it will help the doctors as well as hospitals in order to better understand the diseases as well as patients.

With the help of narrow artificial intelligence, the administration of medicine as well as various treatments will be much more streamlined. This will mean that doctors, as well as hospitals, are able to cater to patients in a much better way. Artificial intelligence is also being used by tech giants like IBM, Google, Facebook, and Nvidia for various different applications. The applications of artificial intelligence are plenty.

With the help of this mobile application, the company will be able to easily track the date of the patients. This will ensure that whenever the life of the patient is in danger, the company will be able to easily administer them various medicines and treatments as required. Moreover, the market for this application is pretty huge. It can be used by medical institutes as well as researchers and even distributors. All the stakeholders in the pharmacy industry will be able to use these applications quite easily. This is one of the main reasons why it holds such a lot of promise.

With the help of amalgamation of technology with artificial intelligence for medical purposes, lives of patients can be saved. Moreover, the patients can be provided better services. Also, since there will be a smart assistant which will be incorporated, it will be easier for the patients to contact the doctors as well as the hospital staff. This will ensure that the entire process is automated and therefore the efficiency of the process will increase significantly.

GANA technologies is currently testing the application and as a result, it will be unveiled pretty soon. Most of the investors, as well as the stakeholders in the pharmacy industry, will surely like to go ahead and make use of this application as it will give them the predictive power to fulfill the needs of the patients. Moreover, the treatment process can be much more streamlined with the help of this application as well.

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