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Bitcoin payment spreading in the luxury market such as Yacht deals.

Jake Hill
Jake Hill

Florida yacht dealer Denison Yachting announced that it would be possible to purchase high-end yachts that were in Miami International Boat Show using bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

CEO of the Denison Yachting Bob Denison said,

“It is our job as the dealer or broker to make purchases as easy as possible. So for us this is just another effort to come to where the client is,”

As to the volatility of the cryptocurrency,

“Inherently there would be a little bit of a risk, but I truly believe in the future of cryptocurrency and I truly believe it will stabilize. The more transactions like this happen the less crazy it will sound,”


Mr. Denison said that he is also cryptocurrency enthusiast and began possession of Bitcoins, Ethereum and Tron etc. about a year ago. Also, mining is done by himself.

He emphasizes that by using the crypto currency to purchase a new boat, such a deal can serve the reputation of bitcoins.

Because people are anonymous, there is a misunderstanding about the cryptocurrency. “The more you get people transacting in bitcoin for things like cars and homes and boats, the more obvious it is that this thing is a lot more transparent.”

The new high-end yacht to be sold is Hatteras M90 Panacera. As it cost of approximately 900 BTC, and the 91-foot glass-sailed yacht is charming with bright and airy interior.

Many companies such as real estate and cars have accepted payment with bitcoins, and the number has been increasing in recent years.

Source : CNBC

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Jake Hill

Coming from a University Education in Computer Science, I am interested in blockchains and Bitcoin since 2014 and even mined at the time. The rumors of Bitcoin bubble made me run away, but I have com