Cryptocurrency has entirely changed the world of finance. It has also changed the career parts of many bright minds on Wall Street. Many people have become overnight millionaires and billionaires within a couple of years with the help of cryptocurrency.

Minting money from cryptocurrencies:

Adrian Xinli Zhang was working at the Deutsche Bank AG when he 1st came across Bitcoin. The used his spare time in order to find out more about the cryptocurrency. In the same month, he was promoted to the position of director.

Jonathan Cheesman, aged 36 and Justin Saslaw, aged 28 worked at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. These are the 3 employees in banks in New York in the finance and banking industry after lamenting significant profits from cryptocurrencies.

Similarly, Asim Ahmad in London, walked away from Blackrock Inc after earning significant profits in either. According to him, he has accumulated so much wealth that it does not make any sense for him to work at Blackrock. His role in Blackrock was to advise clients on alternative assets and hedge funds. According to him, he is able to make one day returns on good days which are as high as his yearly salary.

Wall Street debate:

Many of the companies on Wall Street are debating as to whether cryptocurrencies have been good for them or whether they have lured away some of their employees. Many of the professionals are moving to the blockchain in cryptocurrency industry. As a result, they are consistently losing talent to the sector. Many of them are just retiring after making a significant amount of money in blockchain technology in cryptocurrencies.

Many employees are living a luxurious life owing to the fact that they invested in Bitcoin and other digital assets at a very early stage. As a result, they were able to make a significant amount of money. Also, many of the investors are actually actively trading on a daily basis. As a result, they are able to make a significant amount of money as well.

Seems like the stories of ordinary people becoming millionaires with the help of cryptocurrencies are not unfounded. As more and more people leave the corporate world due to the fortunes which they have made with the help of cryptocurrencies, it is a thing which is coming to light. It remains to be seen whether cryptocurrencies can create millionaires henceforth as well or whether that era has passed.

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