The Sacramento Kings a very famous basketball team in the United States has prepared to mine cryptocurrency in the sports arena. The Kings are well known for utilizing new technology for some time. As a Sports team mining cryptocurrency would make the kings the first to start.

Yesterday according to NBA, The Kings announced they would start a charitable Program “MiningForGood“. This would be done by partnering with MiningStore a global crypto firm. This firm will help install the cryptocurrency mining machines in the data centers of the sports arena. The cryptocurrency that will be mined is Ethereum and it is running at a price of 431 USD at the time of writing this article.

“Through MiningForGood, not only will we raise funds to help with workforce development and training, we aim to inspire the next generation of tinkerers and thinkers to create change in their own community and around the globe,” said Sacramento Kings Owner and Chairman Vivek Ranadivé.

MiningForGood Initiative.

This Charity will help the Black Coalition to get education programs and development in Sacramento community. Also, it is being achieved as the kings are going to be working with Build to make this initiative successful.

MiningStore company is supporting the cause by providing their “Imperium” model machines to mine Ethereum. The Kings have partnered with this firm due to their efficient computers which can be used for cryptocurrency mining.

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