Bitcoin vending machine has been in the rage all over the world. However, India has been slow to adapt to the trend. This might be one of the probable reasons for not seeing much of Bitcoin vending machines in India. However, situations are changing now and eventually Indians will have access to such vending machines.

On the same lines, Digital Assets co in collaboration with various cryptocurrency exchanges and local businesses has placed a vending machine in India, ordered from Portugal. This will make bitcoin buying a much easier process for customers.

Below is the excerpt of interaction with company’s spokesperson to know the overall response from users. He mentioned that,

The Bitcoin vending machine was launched on 1st of May 2018 and installed in capital city Delhi. Since then, it has been a good 50 days.

More on details about Bitcoin Vending Machine:

  • How can I find the location of the Vending Machine?
    The location can be traced using coinatmradar along with the assistance of google maps
  • What is the count of customers who have used the Bitcoin vending machine since the launch?
    The Bitcoin vending machine has been used by 50 customers in almost 50 days. Thus, the response has been encouraging. Also, the transactions seem to be finally picking up which is positive news. We are positive that in the future, the number of transactions will increase further. As more and more people know about the Bitcoin vending machine, the growth of transactions will also be more.
  • Did you face any legal hurdles in India?
    There are a few legal hurdles to install such Bitcoin vending machine in India but they were not quite a few of them. We just had to get the wireless authority approval in order to be certified for usage in India. After that, it is been a smooth sail. The installation and the operation did not pose a lot of hurdles.
  • How was the response from the Indian investors?
    Even though it is in still early days but the response has been pretty positive. Word of mouth is spreading about the Bitcoin vending machine. As a result, more and more Indian investors are trying out the machine. Also, many of the Indian investors are just curious to know more about it. They are adopting the wait and watch mode before investing in Bitcoin. We are pretty sure that in the coming days, more and more Indian investors will invest in cryptocurrencies. At that point in time, this Bitcoin vending machine will be the easiest way for them to invest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

As you can see, the company which has installed the Bitcoin vending machine in India is pretty positive about its success. It remains to be seen whether the transactions increase in the future or not.

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