It seems like Ripple is gaining more and more prominence and gaining a loyal community which is leaving no stone unturned to make the cryptocurrency popular. Recently, in Manhattan, XRP community celebrated an evening to mark the expanding presence of XRP. Snoop Dogg also performed at the gathering.

At the same point in time, there were skeptics as well which did not trust ripple that much. There was an attendee who questioned that Ripple was actually facilitating the banks rather than disrupting them. There were executives from Wall Street firms as well which thought that Ripple is not a legit cryptocurrency.

However, when you look at the number of believers and enthusiasts, they were far greater than any skeptics. This is a clear indication that people are starting to use Ripple as well as other cryptocurrencies to their advantage. Many enthusiasts actually have invested in ripple for a long period of time. As a result, they are able to gain a significant return on their investments.

Snoop Dogg not only performed at the event but also stated that his next record can be bought with the help of Bitcoin. According to the ripple representatives, he wasn’t paid in ripple. He was just asked to perform at the event.

With the cryptocurrency community becoming more and more popular, even celebrities can no longer ignore the cryptocurrency communities. This is just one such instance in which the ripple community came together and a celebrity performed in front of the cryptocurrency enthusiasts. More such events will make the cryptocurrency mainstream. It is time that the ordinary people recognize the power of cryptocurrencies. There are quite a few cryptocurrencies which are disrupting the normal banking and finance system. Ripple is just one of them.

As the traction in cryptocurrencies increasing, it becomes easier for the individuals to use those cryptocurrencies on a regular basis. That is why transacting in Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies will not be a very difficult task in the near future. As a result, cryptocurrencies will indeed go mainstream in the near future. This will also mean that the transactions can be done in cryptocurrencies as well which will put cryptocurrency into the hands of the ordinary citizens. The merchants, as well as storekeepers as well, will allow the usage of cryptocurrencies and even smaller transactions in cryptocurrencies as they become more and more mainstream. Already, they are being used for e-commerce transactions in greater amounts by ordinary users.

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