After the shutdown of  Bitcoin exchange Mt Gox company, the former CEO Mark Karpeles lands a job at cryptocurrency firm London Trust Media(LTM) with the position of Cheif Technology Officer. The company is known for its investments in Virtual Private Networks and cryptocurrencies.

As per reports, the Denver based firm is offering a C-level position to Karpeles which owns VPN providers such as Private Internet Access and investments in the digital currency such, Zcash, Blockexplorer etc.,

The nefarious CEO, Mark Karpeles was charged and arrested for embezzlement,  manipulation of electronic data, and breach of trust in 2015 and continues to be in a trial period in Japan.

Karpeles will work remotely from Japan where he is required to stay during the trial period and coordinate with the team in Denver based firm.

Landing a job in this situation is difficult and as per Karpeles,

After I came out, I felt like in a kind of dream, like I didn’t feel things were real — Even today I’m not sure yet

Although the Karpeles has found his new job in cryptocurrency investment firm, he has least interest in this industry and trying to solve his bankruptcy issues

The main issue with Bitcoin itself is that the community around it right now is kind of too polarized

Says Karpeles and he further adds that

“Bitcoin right now is, I believe, doomed”

However, in the midst of all these, Andrew Lee, co-founder of London Media Trust has welcomed Mark and enthusiastic about it. As stated by Lee,

I am more than willing to give a second chance to Mark in this fight’s critical hour

Well, readers what do you think about Mark Karpeles’s new job in London Media Trust and association with cryptocurrency industry. Let us know your thoughts in comment section below.


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