Malta is trying to attract companies in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. In a recent announcement, it was known that Bitbay will be launching the first Malta crypto to Fiat exchange. As a result, the investors will be able to easily withdraw their cryptocurrency Holdings in the form of Fiat currency. Bitbay has already teamed up with neufund in order to launch the cryptocurrency exchange. This will also be the world’s first crypto to Fiat exchange.

Faster growing security token market:

It is assumed that by the year 2020, the security token market will be reaching a size of $ 10 trillion. Tokens as securities are becoming more and more popular among the investors. In addition to that, equity instruments are also being used along with tokens in order to provide new investment solutions to the investors. Bitbay will be the first a platform which will allow the investors to buy and sell equity tokens. They will be able to buy them directly with the help of Fiat currency. This will ensure that it will become much easier for the investors to invest in any kind of equity tokens.

Also, since Bitbay will be the first exchange to offer so, it is expecting a lot of traction. Also, it remains to be seen whether investors are interested in just buying the cryptocurrency tokens or the equity-based tokens as well. If indeed, the demand for equity token increases, more and more companies might be raising money through the equity tokens. When that happens, the size of the market will go up significantly. Moreover, since buying can be done with the help of Fiat currency, it will become much easier for the investors to invest from all over the world.

With the help of global payment solutions, the cryptocurrency exchange will be able to directly offer investment solutions to the investors. However, the crypto exchange is currently in the initial stages. Only once it is launched and opened for the investors, the traction can be measured. It also remains to be seen if any of the countries are actually not allowed to invest in the platform.

Thus, with the cryptocurrency exchanges coming up with newer and newer investment solutions, it remains to be seen whether investors are actually interested in such solutions are not. This, however, is a very important development for most of the cryptocurrency investors. Currently, the timeline is not available for the launch of crypto to Fiat exchange. The investors are eagerly waiting after the company has made the announcement.

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