Islands of Malta situated near the Mediterranean sea enters digital transformation by installing two way Bitcoin machine in the country. Now this two way ATM make sense in a way which allows both selling and buying cryptocurrencies. In short, it supports converting cryptocurrencies to fiat money and vice-versa.

Reportedly, on the 14th of July, a company named MoonZebra launched these Bitcoin ATM machines in the country. The firm is known for to ease the online trading problems which are vulnerable for more number of hacks.

Now as mentioned earlier these ATM’s work in two way. With this advantage here is that you need not go to any cryptocurrency exchange site for conversion of fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat.

Apart from Malta, other countries are also moving ahead in the same direction. Recently countries like the USA and Europe are found with Bitcoin ATM in many places.

As per the report published in June by CoinATM Radar, Detroit had as many as 80 Bitcoin ATM’s and Michigan had over a dozen ATM count. In total, there are approximately 2000 ATM’s throughout the country.

Also, cryptocurrency ATM’s are now easily spotted in Europe. As per Subreddit post published the Amsterdam airport has a Bitcoin ATM installed already.

With more number of Bitcoin ATM’s being installled, the instances of ATM robbery is becoming more rampant. Earlier this year, a case of Bitcoin ATM robbery also took place at a convenience store in the city of Irving, Dallas. The robbery was carried out by two individuals using bear spray.

So what do you think of Bitcoin ATM installation in Malta? Will it able to contribute Bitcoin awareness and acceptance by citizens in the country. Let us know your thoughts in below comment section.

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